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    How to Remove the Smell from Your Bathroom Sink?

    When a person uses the bathroom he or she generally sees that the sink doesn’t have any problem, but when it comes to the smell in your bathroom sink then it is quite a different story. You can find that some people try to remove the odor from their bathroom sink, but not all of them are successful.

    There are a number of reasons that make us notice such an unpleasant smell, the most common one is the garbage placed in the drain. If you think that the smell comes from the garbage then it is nothing because the smell is also generated by the food that is left in the sink. So, if you want to know the best solution to remove the smell from your sink then you need to know more about this.

    Bathroom sinks smells from the trash

    You might find a lot of different reasons that will make you notice such a disgusting smell. We would to say that the most common reason behind it is that the water becomes filled with the garbage and the drain starts working slowly. Another reason may be that the drain clogs because of the waste material. We are sure that you don’t want your bathroom to have such an unpleasant smell; so it is better to clean the drain. When you need additional reading about bathroom sink, check Sink Formula blog.

    Follow these best tips to get rid of the bathroom sink smell:

    Clean the drain to get rid of the smell

    If you can’t understand how to clean the drain then we will suggest you to use drain cleaners to remove the odor. But, it doesn’t mean that you will solve your problem in an easy way. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean the drain. So, first of all try to find the smell from the drain and then if you are not able to remove it then follow the steps that we are going to share with you.

    Make sure that the water level is lower than the sink

    It is not possible for the waste materials to float and remain in the water. To remove the odor from the sink then make sure that the water level is lower than the sink. If the water is higher than the sink then it will create a big space and will create a chance for the garbage to float.

    Empty the sink as soon as possible

    You need to empty the sink when it becomes full. Otherwise it will leave more space for the trash to remain there.

    Use dish soap or hand soap

    If you are not able to remove the odor then you can always use dish soap to eliminate the odor. But, it will work only on the surface of the drain, so if the odor remains in the water then you will have to clean the drain. We would suggest you to use hand soap to wash your hands, but you don’t know whether it will work or not. So, follow the instructions that we will share with you in a minute and then you will get the best results.


    These are the simple steps to get rid of bathroom sink smell and we are sure that you will love them. If you want to learn how to clean the sink then you can find some good books.


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